Burleigh Industries

Tech Support

Machine Surveys

If you are a customer purchasing KOTAR steel shot via one of our distributors you may be eligible for a free diagnostic machine survey of your blast equipment. We are not interested in selling you spare parts or service contracts that you don’t need but we do try to help you meet your production goals or reduce your cost of operating your blast equipment. After the inspection we give you a detailed report that you can use to solve the problems with your equipment.

Contact us by phone at: 864 546 1593 or by email at: Info@Burleighindustries.com for more details

Customer Training

Burleigh Industries offer a selection of Shot Blasting training programs on the basics of Cost Effective Blast Cleaning.

Each program is dedicated to your particular industry, and machine type, and covers everything from how the equipment works, to what settings and controls your machine operators and maintenance people need to maintain to improve the operational efficiency of the blast equipment in use at your plant. For existing customers of KOTAR Steel shot this training may be free, but you may also contact us for details of pricing if you are not a customer yet and just need some training for your personnel.   

Contact us at: 864 546 1593 or by email at: Info@Burleighindustries.com