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UPDATE : Covid-19 and KOTAR Steel Shot

At Burleigh Industries we take our customers health and welfare very seriously.  We have been asked several times since the President’s announcement last night whether our steel shot coming in from Europe may be a cause for concern. I can tell you that there has been only 1 reported case of Covid-19 in Turkey to date, making Turkey one of the safest places to live and manufacture products in the world. As a result of this we can tell you that the chances of there being any problems with our material are virtually zero. We will continue to monitor the situation but have no concerns at this time.
I would like to thank you for your business and continued support.
Lawrence Green – President


 Faster  – Stronger – Cleaner

In Stock - Ready to Ship

Burleigh Industries understands the problems of inventory control, and if we don’t have it we can’t sell it.

Durability - Longer Lasting

Low carbon, high manganese content with precision production provides longer lasting product.

High Quality & Consistent

We source high quality materials direct from one source - Tosyali steel.

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Taking over the world, one shot at a time 

Supplying the best products at a competitive price for our industrial customers is paramount for Burleigh Industries success. Individually we have a long history of working for both manufacturers and distribution companies which gives us a unique perspective on what is required to make sure we offer the right products for every application and have the understanding and experience to back up what we sell. Our success can only be measured by the success of those we serve so we aim to be the best at what we do every day.

Burleigh Industries also offer AVEKS foundry consumable products for foundries, as well as steel mills. Please go to the product page for more details.

1. Source Quality Steel

High Quality Raw Materials are a major key element to ensure that the quality of steel shot manufactured is ALWAYS consistent. Our competitors purchase their steel raw materials on the open market, while ours comes from companies within the group so we know the chemical analysis is always right.

2. Precision Processing

KOTAR Steel shot atomizing process is the envy of the abrasive industry, as our low carbon steel shot is rounder in shape, has minimal mis-shaped particles and has a much higher density. This translates into a longer lasting, faster cleaning product!

3. Quality Control

Every Melt is checked for chemical analysis, Every Packaging run is checked for size distribution and every batch is checked for durability to ensure that what we deliver every day is the best you can buy.

4. Shipping & Distribution

Burleigh Industries partners with the best Industrial Distributors in the USA, ensuring that we have experts in every part of the country, who are able to help diagnose and solve your blast cleaning problems and keep your business running at the lowest cost possible.

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